Throw More DoTs and a Small Change Scaling Factors. (Also Anub’arak 10HM and Twin Val’kyr25HM movies!)

September 27, 2009

First off sorry for slacking like heck lately on posts, been in and out of the surgery with various health problems and as such my lengthy article about my UI will be put on hold until I can play with said UI and focus enough to write something good. You don’t need to be feeling well to complain about stuff so here we go!

Throw More DoTs, what we can learn about the playerbase from the new Onyxia encounter.
I love Onyxia in a very strange and probably wrong way but I do. I used to play a gnome warrior tank back in the days of level 60 and I used to maintank for my guild so I knew this fight really well. I had been looking forward to the encounter coming back as I was getting a little fed up of soloing (Yes, soloing as a Shadow Priest) the level 60 encounter every week for gold. Now I didn’t get to go on the guild planned mains raid for Onyxia25 on Wednesday as I might of been in hospital but this gave me the chance to try and PuG the encounter.

So after a few days and many many repairs later I managed to get the guilds Secondary ToTC25 (Used for alts, casual players and mains who missed the main raid) to come along to Onyxia25 on Saturday and we killed her in 4 pulls.

Overall from what I have seen from the pugs the playerbase is nowhere near as well educated or skilled as they were at level 60. You say something simple like “Don’t stand near the tail at any time” and you get 13-20 whelps due to someone getting whipped into the caves. Doing something like that at level 60 would get you a GKICK pretty much instantly unless you happened to be a dwarf priest as fear ward was oh so worth carrying a bad player for.

I hate to say it but if what I saw on these pugs is a good indication of how good the playerbase outside of raiding guilds is I can see why they need to dumb down content as when people can’t stay away from the head or get whipped into the egg caves on every pull (Yes I am talking about your Mr. IM GREAT DPS RLY BUT IM ALWAYS DEAD SO I CANT SHOW IT Death Knight.) Overall this makes me rather sad that the art of raiding has gone so downhill. I can see why it was done, but I would rather they forced people to get better at the game than tuning content for people who can’t dodge balls and like to stand in fire.

Conclusion: Give us more bad pug destroyers to force people to up their game and PLEASE DO NOT NERF ONYXIA!

Scaling Math Updates!
With 3.2.2 we got a small spirit buff and as such the guys over at have done my job for me and already updated all the scaling math and such for me so here is a little repost of their info for all to see!

For 3.2.2, scaling factors were taken assuming pre-Onyxia, level 245 gear. Specifically, this profile in simcraft:

Priest_T9_13_00_58_245 Int=0.366855 Spi=0.554587 SP=1.613748 Hit=2.545532 Crit=1.222958 Haste=1.042097

New 3.2.2 Scaling factors
1 SP = 1
1 Crit = 0.76
1 Haste = 0.65
1 Spi = 0.34
1 Int = 0.23
1 Hit = 1.58

OLD 3.2 Scaling factors
1 SP = 1
1 Crit = 0.72
1 Haste = 0.68
1 Spi = 0.25
1 Int = 0.22
1 Hit = 1.53

Gem Value Updates
Runed Cardinal Ruby – 23
Potent Flawless Ametrine – 19.6
This means it is worth going for a socketbonus if it is >= 4 SP, >= 5 crit, >= 6 haste
Purified Dreadstone – 15.4
This means it is worth going for a socketbonus if it is >= 8 SP

Ok so I have two Phase Two movies for you today. Both have HD options on YouTube and FileFront links for full downloads.

First up is from my point of view. Yes I know I made countless mistakes but fraps was slightly lagging me so excuse the crappy muti-DoTing and letting DoTs fall off.
Anub’arak 10 Hardmode:


Second is from one of our holy priest, Kuzuc’s, point of view.
Twin Val’kyr 25 Hardmode:


Music times!
Only two tracks today as I have not been listening to much music lately due to mass sleeping and hospital visits!

First up some Celldweller. I have been a fan of Celldweller for god knows how long and the 7 minute long track Frozen is one of my favourites. This is the remix by Vibe Tribe and is also made of win.
Celldweller – Frozen (Vibe Tribe Rmx)

Next up is a track that I have liked since it popped up in PvP movies a while back but I never figured out what it was called until yesterday. It’s Anberlin with the track The Feel Good Drag.
Anberlin – The Feel Good Drag

Until next time when I am hopefully feeling better!


2 Responses to “Throw More DoTs and a Small Change Scaling Factors. (Also Anub’arak 10HM and Twin Val’kyr25HM movies!)”

  1. Gnoomi of TnE said

    So cool reading and the movies are ace. Your an sweet addition to this blog. Should really take my time and look over my priest since i started it again : < Keep the good work up both morenachos and Lyn
    Cheers Gnoomi

  2. Excellent article, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favs!!

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