Hey, would you like me to open the floor? Sure? Ok… LOL JK I DESPAWN NOW

September 7, 2009

After a… eventful evening playing with the instance server boss (on hardmode he hits your sanity for 99%) we finally got into Trial10 to play with Anub’arak.
Start of the reset there was a bug with the instance that made the floor respawn after a soft reset if you left only Anub’arak alive in your instance save, they hotfixed it. Wait, no that didn’t work lets hotfix again. Almost got it now, lets hotfix the last two hotfixes so they work. Ok that will do. The ending result is that you have to open up your instance, activate the bugged floor event and all NPCs just despawn. Then leave for 30 mins, or as we got told 20 so we had to wait an hour in total, then go back in and pray it works now all the NPCs are back. It worked for us so INSTANCE SERVER BOSS DOWN ON HARDMODE!

Onto Anub’arak. We had 30 attempts left from the last night of playing and we tweaked our tactics but kept loosing people in phase 3 for silly reasons. Attempt 25 at 18% SOMEBODY taunted the boss and wiped us causing us to lose our bonus loot from the tribute chest. Three tries later and he died and all I could do was sigh.

The fight itself is really well done, you have to really push DPS and healing with only two healers and two tanks that both take a load of damage but we should have got it on Friday night but phase three is really hard to control properly with our level of gear. You have a healing (Good luck if you don’t have a 50% MS effect in your raid) Anub’arak that does 20% of your current HP in damage every second and four to six adds on your offtank as well as a frost debuff that ticks for 4000-6000 damage (Good luck without Frost Res’ Aura Mastery) all going on at the same time, if you get one thing go wrong, a bad avoidance chain on the maintank a high frost crap tick its game over.
Our final setup for Anub’arak was DK Tank, Warrior Tank, Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, Moonkin, Warlock, Mage, Blood DK and Arms warrior.

I could not FRAPS it like I wanted to due to PSU issues (my 12v rail is really screwed…) and only being able to have 1HDD plugged in without my PSU saying no and crashing me. So perhaps next time I can capture the fight.

In other Raid news: Beasts of Northrend 25man is hard!

And Phase Two have got a Fresh New Drake!

Music Time!
First off lets go classic (and live):
ACDC – Back in Black is one of those tunes that everyone knows and loves, more so if you loved the Ironman movie like I did.

Stowers & Young – Ocean (Sly One vs Jurrane Remix) is just one of those random tracks that popped up in my playlist recently that I fell in love with so I figured I should share it.

Last up something funny:
The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)

Til next time!


3 Responses to “Hey, would you like me to open the floor? Sure? Ok… LOL JK I DESPAWN NOW”

  1. Fa said

    grats on your drakes my little munchkins

    -normacho / morgash

    and two healers at anub 10… interesting…..

  2. Zark said

    cool drakes bro

  3. Nithel said

    Woooh. I havn’t read this in a while. Lyni’s here now! Woooh.

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