Why I want a Blood Spec Shadow Priest and Trial10 Hardmode Impressions

September 5, 2009

In Phase Two we have been discussing lately what we need in our raids to make them work smoother or what setup we should take for progression and the same phase has been thrown around at every corner and it pops up like this.
“Ok so we have a balanced setup here but we have a spare spot for another DPSer.”
“Just throw another blood ArP hero in there.”

This got me thinking, why was blizzard so short sighted as to let melee classes scale so well with single stats such as ArP and have amazing survivability with cooldowns such as Anti Magic Shell and Icebound Fortitude while classes like mages need a whole number of stats to work at a good level and at the same time only have one five minute ‘oh crap’ button and lower base HP than any other class.
Thankfully as a faithful follower of the shadows on my priest I am blessed with the 15% less damage taken and a nice two minute cooldown 90% damage reduction ‘oh crap’ button that also gives me 30% of my mana back when I use it. But at the same time I need to balance my matrix of offensive stats to get the most out of my class and my single target DPS can go to crap if I mess with a cast or have to move due to void zones or Algalon’s big red balls. (Yay! Got a balls joke in before I got to the Trial section…)
Granted on this subject blizzard are going back and trying to fix the ability to reach the Armor Penetration cap in 3.2.2:
“The nerf to armor pen in 3.2.2 is intentional. Compared to the recent buff where we increased the value of armor rating to 125%, this nerf would take it back down to 110%. While we are still evaluating the effects of this change in the 3.2.2 build, we did want to let you know of the possibility in case you were about to spend a lot on armor pen gems.”
@ http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=19717353372&sid=1
All this will do is make some classes go back to stacking another stat and doing almost the same damage as they are now, ArP will still be a powerful stat even without being capped but I gather that the point of this nerf is to make other stats more attractive again.

In the ideal world I would be able to stack only Spell Power on my priest and do OMGWTFDPS but I can’t. I need a certain level of critical strike chance and haste or I end up clipping spells or having 0.2 second gaps where I cannot do anything and that dead time stacks up and is a DPS loss compared to my Blood Hero friends they just have another button to push such as Death Coil when they can’t C-C-C-CLEAAAAAAVE their way into whatever happens to be in the way.

Maybe the new nuke Shadow Priests are getting in Cataclysm will fix all these problems but I don’t want to be a affliction warlock 2.0 that DoTs stuff up and then nukes with one spell until it’s time to renew dots. I enjoy the rather complex priority system that a SP has and it makes me feel personally good when I pull off DPS comparable to mages and hunters with my little ‘hybrid’ Elfling.

TLDR: Nerf Deathknights in PvE more please and make melee classes harder to play at a top level.

/End Rant
/Start PvE Blabble

Talking of balls jokes… This week saw week five of Patch 3.2 – Call of the Argent Filler Content and that means… Anub’Arak!

After storming into Trial of the Crusader 25man normal on Wednesday and face rolling our way up to Anub’ and he took us two tries. First we used my tactical advice “Screw looking it up, let’s just zerg it” (Note: Tactic not advised, can lead to dead tanks and wtf moments on vent.) This allowed us a chance to get the idea for the fight and give Narcus another repair bill. Second try we killed it with no real problems and I got myself a new whacky stick! Yay I now have a mace with the same stats as the legendary, with no healing proc granted but meh… Only thing I need to worry about now is getting back up the EPGP standings in time to pick up the Reign of the Dead trinket when it drops.

That night’s two hardmode tries was short lived due to server lag so we went to poke Algalon and out offtank’s net died at 14 mins left on the clock. BOOO Lithuanian internet connections!

I can’t comment firsthand how the hardmode progression went on Thursday due to sitting a raid out but from what I was listening to on vent it sounded like some progress was made on how to deal with the worms but I fear Icehowl will still be the major PWNT to this encounter, if the tanks can live through impale that is…

Friday is for FREEEPICSDAY or 10man instances as some call them. We started the night pulling a one shot on the normal 10player mode of Trial as expected for a guild in Ulduar25 hardmode(ish) and Trial25 Normal mode gear. Onto the hardmodes!

Beasts of Northrend
I found myself able to play this fight pretty well straight off, due to just listening to vent from the previous night, had a few wipes due to Icehowl’s iPwnt splatter charge 9001 ability but otherwise it went nice. The DPS challenge for the fight seemed to fit our gearing perfectly. Phase three was close but he went frenzy while stunned and died before the stun wore off so that didn’t count as failing! Apparently the timers on 25players are stricter and that sounds good to me as it might be a proper challenge and not a “gimmick” like so many Ulduar hardmodes. Oh and I finally took the plunge and sorted my hit gear so I can use a run speed enchant on my booties. Going to slap anyone that says they don’t need it and then gets iPwnt 9001’d on Sunday/Tuesdays raids.

This encounter has a few changes that I like. First of all add portals/volcanoes being attackable is a genius mechanic that means if you fall behind on portal DPSing you get punished with more adds to tank so you have to keep your raiders on their toes. I noticed people taking a lot of spike damage while mistresses where running around (woops we didn’t DPS the first portal until 3 adds spawned…) but otherwise the same old encounter. Difficulty wise it’s a lot easier than beasts, more so on 25man if what I have been told is true.

Faction Champions
Well yea… we got a rather easy setup but still as long as you have good DPS and good crowd control for the first 30 seconds you can gib one of them with a bloodlust up and then as long as you keep melee off me… erm… clothies and healers it’s all easy downhill coasting with a mortal strike debuff up you can out DPS their heals with little problems.

Twin Balls Jokes
This was very enjoyable as well, not much has changed since normal mode besides the shield being a bitch to get down in time if it was on the light as swapping to dark then moving into range took too long we found. Only other things I noticed was that touching the balls of the wrong colour is only gay if there is a white one on top of the dark one at the same time… and you can get a nasty debuff that requires you to swap colours for a moment to dispel it. I think this debuff can stack and in some cases was stacking on the tanks but they didn’t swap for it from what I saw.

This one we have not killed quite yet (GG 10% wipe). Our setup for this is:
Main Tank, Add Tank, MT Healer, Raid Healer, DPSx6 (Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, EleShaman, Moonkin, Arms Warrior)
Our tactic outline is this:
Shoot down 2 Permafrosts
DPS Anub to 90%
Adds Spawn
Warrior and Warlock kill off adds
Anub is on about 70%
Second Wave of adds spawn, off tanked until phase 2
Bring Anub to 55-57%
Phase Two (90 Seconds)
Kill off two adds
Kill off scarabs asap
Bring down the other permafrosts during this phase
Anub pops back up after I can’t remember how long
DPS to 50%
Adds spawn, DPS break off to kill them
DPS rejoin on Anub who is at about 40% here
Adds spawn around the time Anub hits 30%
Phase 3 starts should kill off adds here but we didn’t (We will next time we go), then Bloodlust
Focus fire on Anub with lust until he dies.

We kept screwing with the idea of tricks to keep the add tank alive with 4 adds on him and it just didn’t work or something ended up dying for whatever reason. Going to be going back this reset with 30 tries left on our clock and hopefully get him before the 24 tries left marker so we get a flashy achievement. Also going to try to sort out my rig for frapsing this one so I may put out a mooovie of it later!

Last but not least: MUSIC!
Just one flic today as this post is already rather long but I have been a fan of Placebo for ages and love the Sleeping With Ghosts album. This is the first track Bulletproof Cupid.

Also the album artwork is somewhat awesome I think!



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  1. Fa said

    Awesome post, you are shaming me on my very own blog!

    And placebo are such win, can’t wait to see them in december.

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