Ensidia priest posts sense! And in other news, the Pope is a Catholic.

August 19, 2009

As some of you are aware, I’m a bit of an Ensidia fangirl. I even considered applying back in TBC on my horde warlock but after a realistion that I didn’t want to spend so much time invested in WoW, I decided against it. However, I still follow their progress and greatly enjoy their videos, and think that Muqq’s Wrath of the Sunwell films are the best-edited PvE videos. Period.

Regardless, Poptisse, Ensidia’s resident holy priest posted a Guide to Holy a couple of months ago. Looking at it as I formulated this blog, I scoffed a little at her specs, thinking “How, what, why?”, whilst nodding wholeheartedly at most of her theorycrafting 101 and advice regarding Gemming. However, in the last few days, Poptisse has posted part two to her guide, posting a spec almost identical to the one I reviewed two weeks ago, and primarily employ as holy, as her own recommended build.

The only difference is that I use 4/5 Spellwarding, opting for Desperate Prayer (as it does tend to save my behind).

Regardless, I’d heartily recommend it to anybody who wants to learn about Holy Priests:


An original post will be coming this weekend- some of you already know what it’s about, the others… well, I’m afraid it’s nothing insanely exciting, but hopefully useful!

I personally disagree a little with Poptisse, as in a spec so reliant on instant casts, haste appears a little useless past the soft cap, and crit is THE stat to proc SoL (free heal? yes please) and Holy Conc (regen ho! especially as renew is not exactly cheap). Although I can imagine when you get a formidable amount of crit, you’d want to push the haste if you run a lot of ProH…

I also tested the glyph of renew over the glyph of FH in my most recently-reviewed build, and found that, with the insane amount of overheal thanks to the glyph, that it’s not worth it, so I’m trialling the Glyph of Holy Nova in its place next time.


2 Responses to “Ensidia priest posts sense! And in other news, the Pope is a Catholic.”

  1. Zark said


  2. Shadria said

    the links are the same 😦 im guessing one should be for part 1?

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