Which priest are YOU?

July 21, 2009

So, there are a variety of priests in the World (of Warcraft) these days. Some good, some not so good. Which priest are YOU? (This list applies, but is not limited, to holy priests)

1. The Rock.
This guy is the shit. He’s reliable, he shows up, he quietly heals, never causes drama. He’s not the best healer in the world (See: The God), but he’s damn good, and you can rely on him at all times.

2. The Old School Priest
This priest hasn’t *quite* got the mechanics of Wrath healing. Socketting pure spirit gems is order of the day for the OSP, as well as trying to exploit the 5Sr. Whilst he has Guardian Spirit, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him use it…

3. The Meter Obsessive
This guy thinks meters are the be all and end all. His tank will often die because the only heals they receive are from aoe heals, and if you look at his spell breakdown, at least 33% of it will probably be due to CoH. On an encounter like Auriaya. Never dispels, unless dispel meters are linked.

4. The Shielder
The bane of disc priests everywhere. This holy priest pre-shields tanks, and anybody within range. Sometimes has Body and Soul – if so, doesn’t know when is best to shield.

5. The Tunnel Vision Healer
Is obsessed with watching grid / raid frames, and often dies in the fire / void zone / whirlwind.

6. The Spammer
Druids – you know this guy. He’s the one yelling for innervates across vent – 2 minutes into the encounter. Tops overhealing regularly.

7. The martyr
Often forgets to heal himself. Needs to locate and utilise the “Binding Heal” button.

8. The annoying theorycrafter
Spends hours theorizing dramatic (and often situationally impractical) specs. Respecs every raid to a varying holy build, changing their playstyle to account for this.

9. The God.
The tank drops to 1% – do not fear, the God is ready with Guardian Spirit at the pivotal moment. All the other healers are DEAD! Do not panic, the God is still standing, and keeps the raid up for that last 30%. Solo. Apparently he healed in Ensidia once…

10. The Idiot
Spams Holy Nova? Using Greater Heal? Goes blank when you mention Serendipity? Sockets mp/5  / Stamina / Agility) You have, I’m afraid, encountered the Idiot. Good luck!

I’m definitely number 8. When I play shadow, number 6. Our druids hate me at Yogg Saron 🙂


7 Responses to “Which priest are YOU?”

  1. Nithel said

    “The Mystery: Picked discipline and keeps the spec close to her like her childhood teddy. Although nobody knows what discipline actually does or heals.. If you dare hurting her idea of this spec, death may follow. Two things you must never mention in her presence: holies that shield and healing meters. Seriously. It’s touchy.”

    :< I felt like I needed a spot in the list too! Part of me will always be holy.. *shifty*

  2. Fa said

    Nithel, you are a mystery to us all ❤

  3. Burn said

    Number 9.

  4. Zark said

    man I would totally be #5 if I was a priest

    or indeed a healer of any kind

  5. ethrael said

    The geriatric

    Is largely AFK, they go to the toilet at least five times during the raid. Always present for loot strangely. Takes pride in being the number one rezzer and wonders what people mean when they moan about ‘repair cost’. Usually a nightelf and they might have made one button macro for follow which is next to their shadowmeld button.

  6. Jess said


    it’s my paladin background

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