Here be dragon’s eyes!

July 14, 2009

This post was originally going to be a bit about specs.

You what? Surely there’s a cookiecutter holy spec? I hear you say.

Well that’s just it, even in the holy tree, there are a lot of options available to us, and whilst you need half a brain to make a cohesive spec, you have to be practically braindead to create an awful spec, simply because so many of the talents are valid. We’re not in the days of 20/41 anymore, Toto!

I can’t really evaluate or discuss these until I’ve done the basics, or tested them myself. I’ve had a request for BiS gear for holy- and I am working on that, but until then, you’ll have to make do with a post on gems.

Back in TBC, it was more acceptable to gem spellpower, given the fact that we were reliant on our spells hitting hard, however, with the changes to holy to favour crit healing, I simply can’t justify spending my money on runed scarlet rubies when I’m critting 1/3 spells anyway. Moreover, as holy, I do find mana to be an issue. So here’s what I recommend for your sockets:

Brilliant Autumn’s Glow (+int): Yellow

Seer’s Forest Emerald (+int/+spirit): Green (and also the best Blue gem there is, in my opinion)

Luminous Monatrch topaz (+spell /+ int) : Red

Purified Twilight Opal: Purple (I’d consider using this for a Red socket).

Prismatic: Insightful Earthsiege (int & mana return)

Obviously, use your common sense. Don’t try to match sockets if you’re getting something rubbish, and use your dragon’s eyes if you’re a jewelcrafter. If you gem mp/5, I’ll personally hunt you down and slap you. If you find yourself comfortably within your mana pool, then switch out some of the above for runed scarlet rubies (+spellpower) or luminous autumn’s glows (+sp and int) etc… And it’s always good to have alternate sets for high HPS encounters, and then regen sets.

So, back to the reasoning behind the above:

INTELLECT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Yes, this may be hard to accept for some of us who have been playing priests for a very long time. But, given replenishment, the increase in crit provided by int, and the changes to regen (yes, int improves regen too!) and the mechanics of healing these days (good luck finding the 5sr in combat and not letting people die horribly), intellect is the nicest, yummiest stat there is. PERIOD. Brilliant Autumn’s Glows are your friends – love them, hug them, stick them in your pants (not figuratively…).

Then there’s spirit. Spirit is not a bad stat. Not at all. Look at meditation, look at talents such as Holy Concentration and Spiritual Guidance. Any priest worth his salt takes Spirit of Redemption – many for the passive spirit bonus alone (because if you’re dying enough to warrant Angel Form for the extra hael time, then  I’m sorry to say, you – or your raid – are doing it wrong). I’d never socket a pure spirit gem in the current healing climate, but I’d never pass a piece of gear because it had spirit on it, and I’d try to rock as many pieces of gear with spirit on them as possible.

And, for the love of god, don’t socket green gems in your beautiful epic healing gear.


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